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We all experience stress, tension or frustration in the environment we work, teach or study in. 

When these tensions are ignored, they tend to accumulate in our body.   This affects our state of mind, which in turn has a major effect in the way we tend to communicate, concentrate or our job.

We can provide fast-acting and effective techniques to learn how to release stress and tension at work, in school or at home.

Our expertise has grown from years of research and intensive coaching of people with low stress tolerance, burnout or severere anxiety disorder and we are therefore experts in the field of learning how to release stress and build up stress tolerance.

There is no such thing as chronic stress, there are only too much people who realy don't know how to manage it properly.

Brainmanagement Solutions


BM in Schools

Coördinator Nele Decorte


Workshops and training:

Your situation at hand:

Do you experience a lot of tension, frustration and absenteeism among students?

Our goal:

More enthusiastic and concentrated students.

More self-confident and productive pupils.

More togetherness among the students, which leads to a pleasant, open atmosphere in the classroom and in the entire school community.


We come to your school and present in 5 sessions how to amplifie the student and teachers 's joy and calm, which can be invariably improved with very specific techniques that help to quickly release or manage tension.  For those who want to exercise and carry them out, of course...and everybody can!

All these Dynamic Meditation Techniques can be easily integrated in or outside the classroom. Stress release in students and teachers not only makes them more enthusiastic and improves group spirit, but above all a more productive form of communication among themselves.

For whom this training:

For all the care teachers or care takers in the school system. These student counselors can become Dynamic Meditation Therapists later on, if they wish to do so.

BM in Companies

Coördinator Nele Decorte


                        Workshops and training:


Your situation at hand:

Do you experience a lot of tension, frustration and absenteeism among your colleagues or emplyees?



Meer enthousiaste werkvreugde bij je werknemers.

Meer werk productiviteit bij je werknemers.

Meer samenhorigheid onder de werknemers die leidt naar een enthousiaste sfeer op de werkvloer.



Ik kom in 5 sessies de arbeidsvreugde op de werkvloer verhogen met zeer specifieke technieken die bij iedereen de spanning snel helpt loslaten en makkelijk geïntegreerd kunnen worden op de werkvloer.

De investering van 2500 euro zorgt voor een beter rendement met enthousiaste werknemers die hun eigenaarschap opnemen en zal niet enkel de groepsgeest verbeteren, maar vooral een meer productieve vorm van communiceren onder elkaar stimuleren.

Stress release bij werknemers is een belangrijk gegeven om niet alleen de productiviteit, concentratie en communicatie te verhogen, ook om ziekteverzuim, burnout, boreout of depressie te reduceren bij werknemers.

Voor wie deze vorming:

Voor alle bedrijfsleiders, directies en HR die de psycho risico analyse in hun bedrijf of voorziening met een goed leiderschap en eigenaarsschap nemen.

Specifieke teamleiders of coachen kunnen zich later bekwamen tot Dynamische Meditatie Therapeut indien zij dit wensen