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Training Stress Analysis and Stress Management

The frequent absences due to illness have reached a record high?
Despite the many psycho-risk analyses, the resilience of employees continues to deteriorate?
Are the employees fed up with yet another theoretical framework that is presented to them?

We do not conjure up magic, but we do create a methodology that actually and quickly works to reduce stress.

We will take you through this training to see what exactly happens when you hold on to too much stress.

Inspiration day
Stress Management on the workfloor

In addition to some theoretical framework, we let employees and management experience stress management in the workplace.

We provide an interactive day where a lot of inspiration about stress management is given, but above all, experienced.

Training in Stress Management for HR and team leaders

It is our intention not to keep companies dependent on our services. We want to share our expertise with a manager, industrial psychologist, prevention advisor, confidential counselor or an HR department to learn Affective Neuro Science theory & Dynamic Meditation Techniques.

Each company has its own practicing Stress Management, which benefits every employee through the internal training and intervision that is provided.

Investing brings lifelong returns.

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